Monday, March 16, 2009

R Script Command Line Options

Usage: R [options] [<> outfile]
or: R CMD command [arguments]

Start R, a system for statistical computation and graphics, with the
specified options, or invoke an R tool via the 'R CMD' interface.


-h, --help : Print short help message and exit
--version : Print version info and exit
--encoding=ENC : Specify encoding to be used for stdin
RHOME : Print path to R home directory and exit
--save : Do save workspace at the end of the session
--no-save : Don't save it
--no-environ : Don't read the site and user environment files
--no-site-file : Don't read the site-wide Rprofile
--no-init-file : Don't read the .Rprofile or ~/.Rprofile files
--restore : Do restore previously saved objects at startup
--no-restore-data : Don't restore previously saved objects
--no-restore-history : Don't restore the R history file
--no-restore : Don't restore anything
--vanilla : Combine --no-save, --no-restore, --no-site-file, --no-init-file and --no-environ
--no-readline : Don't use readline for command-line editing
--min-vsize=N : Set vector heap min to N bytes; '4M' = 4 MegaB
--max-vsize=N : Set vector heap max to N bytes;
--min-nsize=N : Set min number of cons cells to N
--max-nsize=N : Set max number of cons cells to N
--max-ppsize=N : Set max size of protect stack to N
-q, --quiet : Don't print startup message
--silent : Same as --quiet
: Make R run as quietly as possible
: Print more information about progress
-d, --debugger=NAME
: Run R through debugger NAME
: Pass ARGS as arguments to the debugger
-g, --gui=TYPE
: Use TYPE as GUI; possible values are 'X11'
(default), 'Tk' and (with package gnomeGUI) 'gnome'
: Specify a sub-architecture
: Skip the rest of the command line
-f, --file=FILE
: Take input from 'FILE'Commands:

BATCH : Run R in batch mode
COMPILE : Compile files for use with R
SHLIB : Build shared library for dynamic loading
INSTALL : Install add-on packages
REMOVE : Remove add-on packages
build : Build add-on packages
check : Check add-on packages
LINK : Front-end for creating executable programs
Rprof : Post-process R profiling files
Rdconv : Convert Rd format to various other formats
Rd2dvi : Convert Rd format to DVI/PDF
Rd2txt : Convert Rd format to pretty text
Sd2Rd : Convert S documentation to Rd format
Stangle : Extract S/R code from Sweave documentation
Sweave : Process Sweave documentation
config : Obtain configuration information about R

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